Born 30 December 1996, Antonio Montagner (Glaceo) is a music producer and  songwriter from Italy. At only 10 years old he already knew piano, guitar and musical theory; 

at only 13 he started to write, play and sing his own songs, following his path.

After various production experiences he started the “Glaceo” project in 2018, signing his first record “Deep Sea” (song that he produced, wrote and sang) with the biggest Italian label Time Records; the record included also a remix by Spada, a gold awarded Italian producer. Just a few months later major labels and internet blogs/youtube channels started to show interest in this young phenom: first record deals with Armada and sub-labels of Sony Music and Warner Music were signed. 

In the same year the most-subscribed music channel ever Trap Nation (28 Millions Subs)  uploaded three records from him: Take You Away, Right Here Right Now and Paranoid, the last one brought him his first little success (3 MLN on Youtube, 1.5 MLN on Spotify) and worldwide recognition. 

In early 2019 he started to receive inquires and proposals from worldwide successful artists: “Good For You” in collaboration with the multi-golden awarded Arman Cekin came out. 

Despite people’s amazement for the fact that he is able to produce, write and 

also sing his songs, he decided to focus more on his production side, featuring 

a lot of talented singers in his songs: Lovely Escape, Goodnight, Expectations and Back To Life, released with Soave Records, are just some examples of what gave him the possibility to reach a new level of engagement totaling millions and millions of listeners.

Slowly also Spotify, Apple Music and all the digital stores started to include his music in their biggest playlists: Chill Tracks, Mint, Wochenende, De Camino, Temazos Chill, Chill Hits, the A-List and a lot more allowed him to reach over 500.000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

In December 2019 he released “Not In Control” featuring Swedish singer Eliiine that debuted in four New Music Friday (including for the first time the one from his own country: NMF Italy) and 6 Editorial playlists.

In early 2020 “Expectations” was featured in one of the most famous Korean TV Series: Running Man.

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